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I hope he will live long.

Let me take a look at that.

Talk to your boss.


We can't turn back.

Lord taught me how to do that.

His explanation was quite above me.


Is a common European identity possible?


Jitendra isn't dead yet.

I am for your opinion.

Get your own place.

Don't get rough with her.

This is Laurie's dictionary.


Stan is very witty.

They went to the zoo.

My name is Nobody.

It has been long since they said the time of local government had come.

Don't worry, I'm sure that I can find someone else!

The girls objected to our plan.

Max isn't very athletic.

Stop them.

I do not want to make a mistake.

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Don't tell me what I can't do.

No one takes them seriously.

Eventually, someone is going to have to tell Mosur that he needs to behave himself.


Run for president.

She worked on it with her all soul.

By now, the poison has spread.

Randal and Dorothy aren't my parents.

None of that is true.

That's exactly what I wanted to happen.

She is not a good person.

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Gather roses while you may.

Look back and you'll see a black cat.

First, do no harm.


"Father!" "Hey, Zelda!" "Hey, King!" "Hey, Link!" "Your Majesty, I missed your beautiful moustache." "Hey, purple turban guy." "...Do you even remember who I am?" "Yes! ...Oh hell, I forgot." "How could you forget my face? It looks so funny! See?" "I was in California for a month and I was too distracted by all the orgies and weed and delicious dinner to think about you." "Of course you forget me... As it is written: screw you, I'm out of here!" "Oh, he was a bore anyway."


You grew up in poverty, didn't you?

The decision has been made.

I know where Irvin will go next.

You'll find the most wanted toys in this store.

How did the world come into being?


What's wrong? Why are you crying?

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Is it true that you recover from colds when you give them to someone else?

That's why I came for you.

Is French harder than English?

I wrote a letter asking him to return a bit earlier.

I can hear what I want.

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Excuse me, could you explain the meaning of this sentence to me?


We've been pals for years.

In the build of the XX scale we adopted the technique of content analysis.

I'll see about getting you a doctor.

She is engaged in writing a book.

How was lunch?

He entered the lion's den.

Avery chopped down the branch with an ax.

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I live in a town near Boston.

This is not safe.

I don't have an alibi.


I'm tired, so I'm gonna go to sleep.


Do you still write music?


No admittance except on business.

That child fell into a profound sleep.

There followed a long silence.

Open the window and let in some fresh air.

Don't pretend you don't know what I mean.


I'm not waiting for anyone.

Let me call you back in a minute.

I've told you what to do.

Rajiv plays golf three or four times a month.

I need to speak with Gunnar alone.


Lonhyn seemed sad.

Does Piotr really want me to be frank?

This is exactly what I wanted.

You're not an expert at this job any more than I am.

The TV newscast informs us of daily news.


She got extraordinary grades.

It's not like I'm real anxious to see Marguerite.

These are bad times.

Rodger played an old Irish song on his new French horn.

Idleness leads to ruin.

Tomorrow's your day off.

I wanted to talk some more, but she hung up.

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Kim is a wimp.


Now, please don't get so angry.

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I looked up the words in my dictionary.

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Moran left the office early today.

How tall do most palm trees grow?

Tobias thinks Brodie has a bad influence on John.

I've seen that.

I'm not gonna do anything about it.

Stand the ladder against the wall.

Tanks and planes may defeat the troops but they cannot conquer the people.


Employees can be motivated with good, fair wages, chance to work in a good team or on exciting tasks, and with clear economic incentives such as performance pay or opportunity for promotion.

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He was checking a ticket.


I heard you talked to her.

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They're going to be fine.


I still can't really believe it.

Merril could think of no reason why he shouldn't stay.

It'll take too long.

My father loves to play the guitar.

Could you show her around?

Everyone says that he looks just like his father.

"Is it the first time you've been here?" "Yes, it's my first visit."


We still have to turn the hay and chop wood.

Elwood always wants to sit in the front row.

I was in the east of the country when the crime occurred.

I've got something you want.

I don't know what caused it.

Lord, have mercy on my son: for he is epileptic, and suffereth grievously; for oft-times he falleth into the fire, and off-times into the water.

It was a dark night.


Let's change the subject.

You've got to carry a gun in this area.

Where's our stuff?

The language with the largest number of native speakers is Chinese.

I will stop him from going.

Sergei emerged from the crowd.

Stop fighting, you two!

Hwa put on so much weight that he had to get a bigger belt.

Everyone looked over at Jun.


Tal got up from the table.

Your room looks pretty.

Heroin is a drug.


Prosecutors in court have to substantiate their claims in order to prove a suspect is guilty.

Pandora hated his own name.

Character is much easier kept than recovered.

Why are you asking me all these questions?

Jean-Christophe got home after midnight.

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I've already done my homework.

Who do you think will win the next U.S. presidential election?

I understand you had a little talk with Noemi.

I should go talk to them.

He was a great general and statesman.

Darrell isn't very imaginative, is he?

If it had not been for your help, I would have failed.

Get on the floor.

That's a blatant lie.

Penny will attend Harvard.

You've changed a lot.

I know why Philip is doing that.

Could I have some towels?

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Jackson's eyes grew as cold as ice.

Tell me who your friends are, and I'll tell you who you are.

Sight is one of the five senses.

I had a white dress made by my mother.

We shouldn't have tried to help Duane.


I can add sugar to this coffee.


Do you know what we're supposed to be doing?

They had weapons.

It looks as though it may rain.

I don't like feeling so powerless.

I did not see much of her.

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It's hard to love when one doesn't know whether one is loved as much as one loves.

I don't think it's easy to form your own opinion on an issue.

I had to do all the housework, but I wish I had gone to the movies or shopping.

Lukas wants a fight.

Leung and Rajiv didn't expect to see each other.

Life is short and time is swift.

There's one thing I forgot to mention.

I'm not kidding!

Try to be as polite as you can when asking directions.

We know we have to do better.

She refused to speak English.